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Facelift for the VW Golf VI: Osram previews new retrofit upgrade headlamp at Automechanika Birmingham

Date: 09-Jun-2017

The new LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition retrofit headlamp provides a simple and legal upgrade to Xenon and LED lighting technologies. It can not only be used to update the forward lighting of the Golf MKVI which is popular with enthusiasts, but it will also give the car a modern and dynamic look. Owners of Golf VI models with halogen headlamps can now simply replace their current headlamps with the LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition.

Osram previewed the new LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition retrofit headlamp at Automechanika. A fully functioning comparative demo was on display at the show ahead of the UK launch planned for later this year. The new retrofit headlamp is an approved upgrade solution meaning existing halogen headlamps can simply be replaced without the need for major reconstruction of the vehicle. Specifically for Golf VI owner enthusiasts, Osram's lighting designers have created this special Black Edition.

The LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition facelift incorporates innovative Xenon and LED technology allowing consumers to simply switch from their standard halogen headlamps to an upgrade that incorporates Xenon and LED technology. The light output of these retrofit upgrade headlamps are considerably higher than that of the original halogen forward lighting. The higher luminous efficacy of up to 110 percent compared to standard halogen headlamps means that
considerably more light can be thrown onto danger zones and obstacles on the road. Equipped with Osram Xenarc Original D8S bulbs for dipped and main beam, LED daytime running lights and LED signalling lights (which can be set for sweeping or static motion as seen on many new cars); the LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition is truly state of the art.

These ECEā€compliant (Economic Commission for Europe) retrofit headlamps are approved for road use and do not require automatic headlamp levelling or a headlight washer system.

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