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Expand your range of customers quickly and cost-effectively – with TecAlliance’s Entry Supply Web

Date: 14-Jun-2019

Tapping into new customers quickly and cost-effectively is easy with the new Entry Supply Web, which TecAlliance has introduced to help small and medium-sized parts suppliers in the motor vehicle spare parts market. The cloud-based web application acts as an interface to TecAlliance’s ‘large’ Order Manager solution, making it possible for spare parts suppliers to receive and export stock orders from all trade customers linked to Order Manager. Spare parts suppliers do not have to integrate anything into their own IT systems or undertake any implementation activities. The use of Entry Supply Web promises to unlock growth potential. After all, 25,000 users throughout the world now use TecAlliance’s Order Manager. 
Seamless digital ordering processes 
A guided online process supports suppliers in processing orders and creating all related transaction documents – such as order confirmation, shipping notification and invoice – for a quick introduction to electronic order fulfilment. The cloud-based application eliminates orders by phone, fax and email, reducing the administrative burden and the risk of errors during order receipt while increasing customer satisfaction. Standardised message formats for data transmission ensure seamless and smooth cooperation with all trade partners connected to the Order Manager platform. On the other hand, purchasers can reach as many suppliers as possible with a single tool, benefiting from the delivery and cost advantages of more efficient workflows. For wholesalers, greater availability of goods and faster deliveries translate into more sales and satisfied customers.

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