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Enhanced MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus: the new standard in cabin air filters

Date: 06-Nov-2018

With the improved FreciousPlus 2, MANN-FILTER is setting new standards in cabin air filtration. The new filter impresses, not only by separating ultra-fine particles, but also by binding other harmful gases from outside and within the vehicle. The new filter continues to provide protection against allergens, bacteria, and mould.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) study has found that 92 percent of people worldwide live in areas where air pollution exceeds the permissible levels. The increasing air pollution also penetrates into the vehicle passenger compartment. For the MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus 2, filtration expert MANN+HUMMEL has therefore developed an improved and comprehensive filtration technology that ensures optimal air quality inside the vehicle, as well as protection of the occupants. 

Improved performance
The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus 2 is particularly characterised by its comprehensive performance range throughout the entire maintenance interval. It additionally features ultra-fine nanofibers, which are around 100 times thinner than the fibers of conventional filter fleeces. Like a spider's web, these fibers cover the underlying filtration layers consisting of coarser fibers, allowing them to trap ultra-fine particles. This results in significantly enhanced performance of the new filters compared to the previous filter model. This means that, in addition to the PM10 and PM2.5 particle classes, the FreciousPlus 2 is able to filter out up to 90 percent of the even finer, class PM1 particles, i.e. particles with an aerodynamic diameter of less than 1 micrometer (0.0001 cm). FreciousPlus 2 also removes up to 80 percent of ultra-fine particles (UFP), which are smaller than 0.1 micrometers, reaching maximum values. By way of comparison: These extremely tiny particles are roughly 700 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Our lungs are exposed to the ultra-fine particles. If these particles are breathed in, they can enter into the lungs, where a significant proportion of them can penetrate deeply into the cell membranes of the pulmonary alveoli. From here, they can enter into the bloodstream, penetrating into the cardiovascular system and may also spread into other organs.

Highly effective NO2-blocker
The enhanced FreciousPlus 2 also significantly outperforms the predecessor model in the reduction of harmful gases and odours: Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ozone are trapped more effectively. Particularly with regard to harmful NO2, we can now speak of almost complete separation. Compared to the predecessor model, the new FreciousPlus 2 absorbs more than 200 times as much ammonia and also protects from volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, which can be released by vehicle passenger compartment materials.

The new FreciousPlus 2 filters allergy-triggering substances, so-called allergens, as well as bacteria and mould to the same very high degree as the first generation. It binds allergens almost completely and prevents bacteria and mould from penetrating into the vehicle passenger compartment through the ventilation system.

The MANN-FILTER FreciousPlus 2 will be available for selected passenger car applications on the independent aftermarket from early 2019. The existing range will be progressively replaced by the new generation filters.

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