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Digital radio summer campaign - On air now

Date: 04-Jul-2017

Digital Radio UK have announced details of the new Summer on air industry-wide digital radio campaign which recently launched across BBC and commercial stations. The campaign for commercial stations includes a focus on in car conversion, encouraging listeners to upgrade their car to digital radio, and highlights the availability of a range of devices and tick mark installers.

The campaign central thought is ‘Make the switch to digital radio this Summer and discover a world you’ve been missing out on …’.  For analogue listeners, the campaign communicates that if they make the switch to digital radio this summer, they’ll benefit from extra stations and additional features that their old radio does not deliver. 

There are two phases to the campaign; Phase 1 from Saturday 1 July – Friday 21 July, and Phase 2 from Saturday 29 July – Friday 18 August. The BBC trails, which are on air during the first 2 weeks of Phase 1, will play across BBC national networks and local stations and feature a host of BBC talent including Sara Cox, Arthur Smith, Mark Radcliffe and Suzie Klein. 

The creative trails across BBC and commercial executions highlight the availability of extra stations on digital radio by looking back nostalgically at FM radio before the call to action to make the switch to digital radio this summer to ‘discover a world you’ve been missing out on’. The commercial radio in-car conversion ads look nostalgically at the miles listeners have travelled with their old car radio before highlighting the benefits they’ll receive by upgrading their car to digital radio. The ads communicate the simplicity of in car conversion by emphasising the range of digital radios and adaptors available; that any car can be converted; and that tick mark installers are on hand to help.  The call to action again encourages listeners to ‘look for the digital tick on approved products – it means the radio is future-ready’ and to find registered installers, points to the postcode checker for installers on

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