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Delphi Product & Service Solutions launches new range of OE-quality, coated brake discs

Date: 09-Mar-2017

Delphi Product and Service Solutions has launched an extended range of fully coated brake discs. Its special zinc-flake, anti-corrosive coating offers optimum protection against corrosion. The range also offers a more cosmetically appealing finish, and as Delphi’s discs have no oil to clean off, they are much quicker and easier to fit, saving garages valuable labour and service time.
“The discs are manufactured to the same exacting, high-quality specifications as the rest of our brake disc range, however, it’s the coating which makes the difference,” explains Katrina Hales, maintenance category director, Delphi Product and Service Solutions. “Our coated discs are evenly sprayed in an environmentally friendly, water and zinc-flake based silver Geomet coating. We coat the entire surface of the disc, including the top hat, outer rim, internal veins and friction surface for the ultimate protection; this reduces the susceptibility to corrosion, unlike oil-dipped or partially coated counterparts.”
Delphi’s coating stays in place longer thanks to a salt spray resistance of up to 240 hours, compared with less than 100 hours for many partially painted discs. They also offer significant advantages for the installer as they can be fitted straight from the box. This is because there is no oil to clean off, allowing for a cleaner, faster installation. The strong Geomet coating on the hub mounting surface, also makes brake disc replacement easier, because there will be less corrosion, and therefore less adhesion between the hub and disc.
“With more than 80 years’ experience in braking , Delphi understands these technologies and can pass on its knowledge to garages, saving them considerable labour and service time, while also helping to increase profitability,” adds Hales. “Since the key to a profitable brake service is fitting fast and to OE standards, Delphi is an obvious choice. With our coated discs, technicians can simply unpack and install with ease, and because the disc is manufactured to perform just like the OE equivalent, installers can fit with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they’ll have a happy customer with good-looking, high-quality brakes and no returned work.”
Many of Delphi’s coated discs also include added features, such as high carbon content, cross-drilled, directional veins and fixing screws, as per the OE equivalent. The range consists of more than 1700 parts, covering 92 percent of the European car parc. Delphi is committed to extending coverage throughout the next 12 months, and will continue to offer a full range of plain discs for added choice.

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