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Delphi Product & Service Solutions Enhances Engine Management Portfolio with New, First-to-Market OE Technologies

Date: 19-Jun-2017

To meet the ever increasing electronic content in today’s vehicle, Delphi Product and Service Solutions is launching two OE technologies into the aftermarket – cam phasers and air dosers – as well as a range of exhaust gas temperature sensors. Their addition to an already extensive engine management portfolio, takes the total European range to more than 2,400 part numbers, covering over 16,000 applications.
“As the electrical content and complexity in today’s vehicles continues to accelerate, having access to the right parts will become even more critical,” explains Alex Ashmore, president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions. “By partnering with an OE specialist like Delphi, garages, distributors and factors will have timely access to the OE technology, as well as the relevant diagnostic tools, service data and technical expertise. Subsequently they will be well positioned to take advantage of the significant potential business that this brings.”

Delphi's patented variable cam phasing technology includes an oil control valve, which controls the flow of oil to advance, retard or hold the camshaft position. By allowing the camshafts to always be in the optimum position, Delphi cam phasers help increase engine efficiency, improving idle stability while delivering more torque and horsepower. They also help boost fuel economy and reduce hydrocarbon emissions. The new range, currently only available from Delphi, covers popular applications such as BMW and Renault.

Also, first-to-market, Delphi’s new range of nine OE air dosers are fitted to key applications such as Citroën and Peugeot. Situated between the intercooler and the turbo, the air doser acts as a butterfly valve, adjusting the temperature and pressure of the air coming from the turbo, before deciding whether it should go to the intercooler or bypass it.

Delphi has also launched its new range of OE-quality exhaust gas temperature sensors, featuring a platinum resistive temperature device and closed tip design. This helps to ensure a consistent output throughout its broad temperature range (-40°C to 1,500°C), as well as extremely fast activation times – taking less than 11 m/s to jump 300°C. The new range covers more than 400 applications including BMW, Fiat, Ford, Mercedes and Volkswagen.
“As a manufacturer of OE powertrain technology, we will continue to provide our customers with timely, market-relevant, new-to-range engine management products,” continues Ashmore. “We are committed to the ongoing development of our range, with further extensions and new products planned during 2017.” 

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