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Delphi Product & Service Solutions Demonstrates New OE-quality Technologies at Automechanika Birmingham

Date: 19-Jun-2017

Delphi Product and Service solutions launched a diverse selection of new products and updates at this year’s Automechanika Birmingham. Expanding on its already extensive portfolio, Delphi showcased how its OE-expertise provides new business opportunities to the aftermarket, as the pace of vehicle technologies accelerate.

The company’s latest braking technologies were unveiled at the show, with Delphi introducing its R90 certified brake discs. “Whilst Delphi brake discs have been fully compliant with R90 quality standards for many years, our new discs for vehicles launched after 1st November 2016 are now R90 certified,” explained Jean-Francois Bouveyron, vice president EMEA Sales. Delphi also showed its newly extended range of coated brake discs, designed to significantly improve corrosion resistance and reduce installation times. Delphi rounded its braking updates off with service time-reducing caliper slider kits and environmentally friendly copper free pads that offer improved brake fade performance without compromising noise control or heat dissipation.

Delphi also announced the launch of 175 new steering part numbers at this year’s show, to supply the growing demand for its OE-quality replacement components. Coupled with the 400 part numbers it launched in 2016, Delphi’s steering range now covers over 24,500 applications and more than 90% of the EU car parc, with more additions planned throughout 2017.

Visitors to the Delphi stand were also amongst the first to see the launch of the new high pressure diagnostic toolkit HD3000, for use on any vehicle type or fuel injection technology. “The tool is the first of its kind on the market, its designed to simplify the diagnosis of faults with current and future generation diesel and gasoline high pressure fuel systems,” said Bouveyron. Delphi’s HD3000 enables businesses to grow their diagnostic capabilities, while substantially reducing the investment needed to undertake this type of repair.

Delphi also made additions to its engine management portfolio at the show, with its new and first-to-market OE cam phaser and air doser technologies. “As electrical content and complexity in today’s vehicles continue to accelerate, having access to the right parts becomes even more critical,” explained Bouveyron. Delphi’s patented variable cam phasing technology includes an oil control valve, controlling the flow of oil to the camshaft position, while its air doser acts as a butterfly valve, adjusting temperatures and pressures of air from the turbo.

“These launches demonstrate our ongoing commitment to bringing the very latest OE technologies and expertise to the aftermarket,” concluded Bouveyron. “With further extensions planned during the second half of 2017, we will continue to provide our customers with new business opportunities and added service capabilities.”

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