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Cumbrian motor factor, K&S McKenzie, continue to grow and invest in people, equipment and vehicles

Date: 23-Sep-2019

Their latest expansion has been in their Air Compressors department. Whilst the business has been selling air compressors of all types and sizes for a number of years, recent success in this sector has led to expansion.

As part of this expansion, K&S McKenzie have recruited a dedicated mobile Service Engineer, Andrew Davidson. The business has a well-established sales team with excellent product knowledge of compressed air systems and the addition of Andrew, and the skills he brings, complement their set-up perfectly. 

Thanks to the creation of this new role, K&S McKenzie are able to retain all service, installation, and warranty work in-house, enabling them to grow the department further. In addition to servicing and maintaining the machines that K&S McKenzie stock, they are also able to offer customers who have a different brand of air compressor competitive rates for their service requirements.

K&S McKenzie have found that educating the end user at the point of sale on the importance of compressor maintenance is key. Most customers don’t realise they have a legal obligation to maintain their compressors and attached air receivers, not to mention the long-term reliability benefits of having their machines properly serviced and maintained.   

Andrew covers a large geographical area which enables the business to offer their services competitively within a 120-mile radius of their base in Carlisle, Cumbria. Being able to offer such a level of service to their customers not only gives K&S McKenzie an edge over their competitors, it also offers invaluable reassurance to their customers that in the event of a machine failure they won’t be waiting weeks for an engineer to get to them and rectify an issues.

As you would expect the team at K&S McKenzie have built up an excellent supply network for compressor parts and can source parts for any make or model of compressors, both old and new.

All K&S McKenzie engineers and sales team members are well trained in all aspects of compressed air and are on regular training programmes keeping them up-to-speed with the latest technologies, enabling fast installation or service/repair on any compressed air system. They way that K&S McKenzie have their distribution network set up means they are able to deliver across the UK -they can also advise on all aspects of air compressors, ensuring you -find the right compressor for your needs. 

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