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Comma launches ‘the Volkswagen oil of the future’

Date: 01-Nov-2017

The Comma Performance Motor Oil range has received a new addition that will help maintain the latest generation of diesel engines from the Volkswagen Group.   The oil is also suitable for the latest petrol engines.

Comma Eco-LLP 0W-20 is designed to complement the technology that gives these engines optimum fuel economy performance whilst maintaining exceptional wear protection.

The new oil can benefit a growing car parc of Volkswagen and Audi diesel models, which grew by over 200,000* in 2016 alone, representing a huge opportunity for professional technicians. 

Compared to other high quality engine oils in the range, Comma Eco-LLP sits in the group of high temperature high shear (HTHS) where viscosity is a critical property for fuel economy and durability. Eco LLP has low HTHS for fuel economy however durability is still maintained

HTHS viscosity is the measurement of how well a fully warmed engine oil flows in critical contact areas such as the ring interface, valve-train and gear contacts. Comma’s Eco-LLP 0W-20 delivers a figure of 2.6 versus 3.5 stipulated in previous standards which is critical for the performance of the latest highly-stressed engines.

The drivers behind lowering HTHS viscosity are new global governmental regulations to improve fuel economy (FE) and lower greenhouse gases (GHG) in new vehicles. Lower HTHS viscosity tends to improve FE and lower GHG but higher HTHS viscosity affords better wear protection, so a careful balance must be found when formulating engine oil now and in the future.

To help ensure compatibility and avoid costly mistakes, the new low HTHS oils supplied by Comma stand out from their traditional counterparts with a unique blue colour and zirconium based chemical marker to safeguard workshops from counterfeited goods.

*estimated figure based on VW and Audi sales from Statistica, Jan 2016 – 2017

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