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Clarios launches as a world leader in advanced energy storage solutions

Date: 15-Jul-2019

Johnson Controls has sold its global battery division Power Solutions to Brookfield Business Partners and is now formally transitioning from Johnson Controls to new company name Clarios.

Ulrich Eich, VP Aftermarket EMEA says “This is an exciting time for our company, one which we want to share with our customers and the UK Market. Johnson Controls Power Solutions becomes Clarios, a new company in its own right.”

Clarios is a global leader in advanced energy storage solutions, powering one in three of the world’s vehicles. Clarios, the company behind VARTA, the strong OE & Aftermarket battery brand with over a 130 year tradition of innovation and growth, is committed to new technology; 8 out of 10 newly manufactured start-stop vehicles fit with an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery in Europe, come with a Clarios.

All 16,000 employees of Johnson Controls Power Solutions transition to Clarios team members and the company continues to serve the UK and Irish market with the VARTA brand and battery service solutions.

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