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Capus reports surge in Kingpin wear gauge sales

Date: 19-Jun-2017

Capus (UK) has reported a significant increase in sales of its kingpin wear gauge after urging CV fleet operators to regularly check this safety-critical part every six months or 40,000 km.

Having passed a visual inspection, Capus recommends that the Kingpin needs to be measured using the SA224 wear gauge thus ensuring the kingpin is both square to the trailer rubbing plate and dimensionally correct. 

The Capus Kingpin “Go / No Go” gauge enables technicians and fleet operators to check both the squareness to the plate and the working diameter of the kingpin in the most efficient way. This effective tool is an essential piece of equipment to ensure the reliability and function of a Kingpin. 

Once the visual and dimension check has been completed, the torque settings of the retaining nuts and bolts should also be checked. It is recommended that they are replaced each time a Kingpin is removed. To ensure these bolts and nuts do not hamper the fifth wheel, it is important that the correct type of bolts are fitted. 

If the Kingpin passes inspection, it still needs to be completely re-greased with clean high pressure grease containing a graphite or molybdenum additive.  If there is excessive wear or any sign of faults, the Kingpin must be replaced.

Stephen Geffen of Capus (UK) Ltd said: “We manufacture our kingpins in the UK to the highest quality standard using the latest materials and heat treatment processes. Kingpins are safety-critical parts that are prone to wear, and therefore it is important to consider all operating conditions including the number of times it is coupled and uncoupled, and that is why our kingpin wear gauge is so essential.” 

“Key signs of damage are scoring, cracks and dents, wear around the circumference and bolts that are missing, or incorrectly torqued. If there is not absolute certainty that the Kingpin will connect with the fifth wheel correctly every time, then it should be replaced as the consequences could be disastrous.”

Established in 1982, the Kent-based components supplier is the UK’s leading manufacturer of trailer kingpins, with all components assembled to the latest TUV and EEC quality standards. 

Capus specialises in the supply of technical and safety critical parts for the commercial vehicle, marine, agricultural and industrial markets.

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