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BM Catalysts and Your Car Your Choice Rally Round The Aftermarket

Date: 23-Jul-2019

BM Catalysts continues to support MP Motorsport with sponsorship of its Subaru Impreza rally car, which is currently competing in the ANEMMC and EMAMC championships, for the third year in a row. Having it’s branding in a prominent position on the impressive vehicle’s livery not only gives the leading manufacturer of aftermarket catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters great exposure at rallies across the UK but also affords it access to the team’s exclusive hospitality days. Speaking at one such recent event, BM Catalysts’ commercial director Mark Blinston commented:
“The MP Motorsport team is going from strength to strength and this year the car is quicker than ever. A shared dedication to engineering excellence, uncompromising quality, and building effective partnerships, means that both teams are exceeding expectations and operating right at the front of our respective fields. It’s great that MP Motorsport have also recognised the importance of Your Car-Your Choice and is supporting the campaign which helps all aftermarket suppliers, including BM Catalysts, and the industry as a whole.”
“Our support is certainly paying dividends and we are really enjoying the exposure the BM Catalysts brand is receiving at the rallies as well as in the national media. Being associated with a trophy winning team is helping promote our brand on social media as well as using our association within our Performance Catalyst marketing material. Then there’s the chance to go round the track in the fantastic Impreza, which is exhilarating!”

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