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BERU® launches new support-focused website

Date: 12-Jun-2018

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has announced the launch of a new website for its ignition brand, BERU®. The update brings with it a host of changes to improve ease of use, to add support pages and to ensure compatibility across a range of devices including smartphones and tablets.
Several new features make the website more useful to customers, including downloadable catalogues, trouble-tracers, technical brochures and a ‘find my part’ section. The focus of the new website’s development was on enhancing the product support function, which prompted the creation of a newly developed, state-of-the-art digital trouble-tracer chart for spark and glow plugs. 
“We are proud of the website and all the new features it introduces,” explains Ronald De Wilde, Brand Manager, BERU, Federal-Mogul Motorparts, EMEA. “We are always looking to deliver useful support for technicians, garage owners and distributors, and websites are an important touch point in facilitating that support and growing our relationship with them. The BERU website update includes some excellent features, some of which we have introduced following extremely helpful customer feedback.”
The website also features many high-resolution images and benefits from a simpler URL:
BERU is a premium ignition and cold-start brand exclusively distributed by Federal-Mogul Motorparts in the aftermarket. Today, it provides quality parts to the aftermarket.

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