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BEHR HELLA Service looks out for factors with advanced training academy!

Date: 16-Aug-2017

Behr Hella Service has recently launched its Advanced Training Academy (ATA) to provide the independent workshop with free thermal management product training and ongoing support, which will, in turn, benefit the motor factor. As the thermal management expert, Behr Hella Service has an impressive knowledge base and product range that ensures motor factors offer their customers the very best components when servicing heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. To achieve this goal, factors not only need to sell premium quality products, but ensure workshops have a complete understanding of the HVAC system and any recent technological advances.

This free academy focuses on providing workshops essential updates on the technical developments of the HVAC system, but also refreshes the technicians’ memory on existing challenges and industry best practise.

Motor factors can profit from this new initiative in a multitude of ways, including improving customer loyalty, increasing their own productivity and also gaining a vital competitive edge compared to other motor factors in the area. Behr Hella Service will be launching regional training workshops throughout the UK to deliver specific customer training on the factor’s behalf.

Furthermore, Behr Hella Service is supporting motor factors through this academy by providing marketing materials, such as signage, and providing staff training from Behr Hella Service experts.

Head of Business Development for Behr Hella Service, Steve Hudson, said: “This is a really exciting initiative for workshops and motor factors; it solidifies technicians’ knowledge on the systems – making them more confident in their abilities – and teaches them new things about technologies they may not have come across before.

“We’re pushing this academy through local motor factors because it’s advantageous to them, as well as the garages. They can build a network of brand-focused garages and increase sales through this new network.

“In addition, it will educate workshops, resulting in fewer returns and warranty claims, which will again, strengthen the relationship between the factor and garage.”

At the beginning of 2017, Behr Hella Service increased the transparency of its portfolio by introducing a new Premium Line branding. More than 7,500 products currently encompass the Behr Hella Service range, which will be grouped under two different markings: The Premium Line will include around 4,500 part numbers produced by OE manufacturers, with the remaining 3,000 references forming the basis of Behr Hella Service’s Standard product range, which is produced to OE specifications.

In many cases, customers will still be able to choose between an OE or standard product for specific applications, with Behr Hella Service maintaining its strategic focus on product quality, price levels and service. Standard products will produce equal performance under normal conditions, whereas the OE Premium Line offers higher performance reserves to cope with extreme conditions and are designed to last for the entire life of the vehicle.

To register interest, garages need only to complete the online form found at

For more information about the OE quality products available from HELLA or for Behr Hella Service, please call customer services on: 01295 662400 or email

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