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Autotech Recruit announces online training portal

Date: 23-Aug-2019

Autotech Recruit has teamed up with to launch an exclusive online training portal for its growing pool of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers.

The move will not only enable Autotech Recruit’s pool of over 600 contractors to increase their skill set to work across a broader range of vehicles, including electric and hybrid cars, but enable the company to efficiently meet the recruitment needs of the UK’s independent garages, workshops and automotive aftermarket companies.

Through the portal, Autotech Recruit’s network of vehicle technicians and MOT testers will gain access to over 130, discounted, online training courses enabling them to up-skill and evaluate which new areas of automotive systems they need training on.

On accessing Our Virtual Academy’s exclusive Autotech Recruit platform, contractors will also complete a skills analysis which will enable the company’s recruitment consultants to correctly match vehicle technicians and MOT testers to the right position, quickly.

Mandla Ndhlovu, head of Autotech Recruit’s apprentice and training divisions, said, ‘Every contractor who joins Autotech Recruit is taken through a robust screening process, but as vehicle technology and systems are evolving at such a rapid pace, the use of ‘Our Virtual Academy’ will enable us to thoroughly review skills. It will also increase the employability and pay prospects of our contractors.

‘On a daily basis we receive requests from garages and dealerships for temporary technicians – and the skills needed are increasingly diverse, from knowledge on hybrid cars to diesel diagnostics.’

The launch of the platform is part of an exclusive agreement with Our Virtual Academy. Launched in October 2016 by Ben Stockton who, following research which revealed that the average technician only remembers 20% of traditional training, created the on-line resource which would provide a more cost effective and efficient training experience.

Ben said, ‘Through our strong industry ties, our team of professional writers are continuously updating the training content. There are synergies between our company and Autotech Recruit, as both companies recognise the need to up-skill the current automotive workforce as vehicle systems continue to rapidly progress.’

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