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Autoparts Garage Equipment launches new Alloy Wheel Straightener

Date: 28-Jan-2020

Autoparts Garage Equipment (AGE), one of the UK’s leading suppliers of garage equipment, has launched a new Alloy Wheel Straightener.

Available under the Ayce Systems Wheelrite brand the product offers a quick and simple solution for straightening alloy wheels. With over 75percent of cars now having alloy wheels and the state of the UK roads diminishing, the market potential for straightening wheels has never been higher.

From prices starting from as little as £2.51 per day from Autoparts Garage Equipment, this effective machine allows buyers to quickly remove flat spots and buckles in the wheel, saving the expense of replacement. The device is ideally suited to specialists in alloy wheel repairs and tyre fitters.

The alloy wheel straightener is capable of handling wheels ranging from ten inches through to 24 inches, and straightens wheels in an impressive fifteen minutes. The working pressure in the machine gets up to 250 bars and the usability is uncomplicated with training provided.

The product comes complete with a two-year warranty. Located in both Glasgow and Wolverhampton, Autoparts Garage Equipment is one of the largest suppliers of garage equipment in the UK. 

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