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Autoelectro proud of track record as it delivers on even the most obscure references

Date: 04-Jun-2018

A Maybach 62 and Jaguar XJ-S 6.0 V12 alternator are the latest requests from customers across the UK and around the globe. While Autoelectro stocks its fastest-moving part numbers to ensure rapid delivery, it will accept even the most obscure requests and, in the UK, customers usually receive their order the next working day.
The Bradford-based remanufacturer is proud of its track record, fulfilling a 100% order fill rate, something that its Managing Director, Tony Bhogal, is proud of: “We never let our customers down!
“In the UK, we are usually able to supply the finished part by the next working morning from our vast stocks. Sometimes, we have to remanufacture the customer’s own part when it is particularly rare and core is not available, which can add a couple of days to the process, but the customer will normally wait because it is a specific request, and they trust us to deliver a quality product."
Autoelectro has experienced a recent surge in demand for rare part numbers, with calls coming from as far and wide as Australia and New Zealand, as well the United States and Europe. In terms of turnaround time, Australian customers will usually receive their part in a couple of weeks, with Europeans receiving their order in just a matter of days.
Tony said “internet enquiries and a strong presence on TecDoc” were the two main reasons for success across the continents, especially once they appreciated the quality package Autoelectro could offer. 
He added: “Our availability is something that we’re proud of – we believe it is market-leading – but we can only achieve this by sourcing the core quickly and having the test equipment and remanufacturing facilities in-place to process it.”
As well as the Maybach 62 and Jaguar XJ-S references, Autoelectro recently sold a Lotus Elan M100 1.6 alternator, as well as a 1974 Porsche 914 1.8 alternator and a 2017 Toyota Auris 1.2 alternator – highlighting its capability of catering for the oldest and newest models. 
Tony added: “The variety of makes and models we work on are fascinating – we never know what we’re going to get! Sometimes it is a challenge, but it is one that we enjoy because it is an opportunity to demonstrate our pedigree.”

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