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Autoelectro New to Range Stop-Start Starter Motors

Date: 09-Mar-2020

Autoelectro have introduced three New to Range Starter Motors that incorporate “Stop-Start” technology for the Seat Exeo 2.0 2011-2013 (AEY2685), Mitsubishi Colt (Forfour) (AEY3828) and Range Rover 3.0 Diesel & 5.0 Petrol engines (AEY3994) 2012 on. The modern “Stop-Start” type Starter Motor operates in conjunction with the vehicle engine management system. The “Stop-Start” system stops the engine when stationary i.e. In traffic queues or standing at traffic lights, the vehicle goes into “stand by” mode prepared for a quick restart once the accelerator is depressed. The “Stop-Start” system not only improves fuel economy by also reduces emissions to bring vehicle manufacturers in line with strict government regulations.

Advancements in Starter Motor design has seen the introduction of a tandem solenoid as found on the Range Rover applications (AEY3994). The Tandem Solenoid brings the Starter Motor pinion up to the flywheel speed before engaging, this allows for quicker and more responsive restart times. Tandem solenoids can generally be identified by the solenoid plug having two pins instead of the standard one.

With higher demands on the electrical system it is essential that the correct battery application is fitted to the vehicle and kept above at least 75% of charge for the “Stop-Start” system to correctly operate.

Autoelectro continue to lead the UK market on new range applications, whilst keeping pace with the evolution of technology found in the latest vehicles, through a substantial investment in new test equipment and sourcing quality components, coupled with over 34 years knowledge in the remanufacture of Starter Motors and Alternators.

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