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Autoelectro new to range “Smart Charge” alternators

Date: 05-Feb-2020

Autoelectro have introduced 3 new to range Alternators that incorporate “Smart Charge” technology for the Mercedes C class 1.6 (AEK4048), the Toyota Rav-4 2.0 (AEK3942) and the Kia Sportage 2.0 (AEK3933). A modern “Smart Charge” type Alternator operates in conjunction with the vehicle engine management system to control the output of the Alternator based upon information supplied by various sensors monitoring the load requirement of the vehicle.  

Autoelectro continue to lead the UK market on new range applications, whilst keeping pace with the evolution of technology found in the latest vehicles, through a substantial investment in the new test equipment and sourcing quality components, coupled with 34 years knowledge in the remanufacture of Starter Motors and Alternators.

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