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Autoelectro launches online stock management system for motor factors

Date: 30-Apr-2018

Autoelectro is proud to release details of an online stock management system that is set to transform the way that its motor factor customers control their inventories.
The Active Inventory Management System – or AIMS – allows Autoelectro’s customers to have greater control over their old core and maximise the opportunity to return it. The stockist is now able to have all of their outstanding surcharges listed in a downloadable format; therefore, it is now easy for an individual distributor to allocate their old core against any outstanding surcharges.
Having the data available means the motor factor will know precisely what the surcharge liability is and if credit is owed.
Autoelectro recently announced details of a revised surcharge structure, where some fast-moving references had their surcharges cut entirely; however, the less popular part numbers still have a surcharge due to the high value and scarcity of the old core.
To coincide with the new pricing strategy, the company will be liaising with its customers regularly to help them exchange slow-moving stock, or part numbers that are no longer selling, with faster-moving references – essentially, replenishing old stock – which is achievable thanks to availability of virtually 100%. This cements Autoelectro's status as the UK’s largest independent remanufacturer and supplier of starter motors and alternators.
UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, explained further: “We are streamlining our customers’ stock and making sure that surcharge liability is kept to an absolute minimum because they’re getting their credits back quickly.
“We have an internal quality standard of ensuring all credits are raised within 48 hours; even better, with our revised surcharge structure, motor factors may discover that there is no surcharge liability on certain part numbers from within our premium range anyway.”
The AIMS programme is the result of years of investment; time and resources have been spent on creating and refining the programme – waiting for the perfect time to unveil it and roll it out to customers.
Nick explained why now is the right time to launch AIMS: “This is a major development for Autoelectro and our customers. In today’s climate, where profit margins are narrowing, we are forging a closer relationship with our customers to ensure they are in the best shape possible to live up to their own customers’ expectations and requirements – guaranteeing that stock is up-to-date.
“An issue we believe is prevalent among motor factors is control of stock; if they work with us, however, they can reap a better return in the capital they invested.”
The feedback so far has been encouraging, with All Vehicle Parts Managing Director, Craig Wilson, claiming that the stock management programme has the potential to be “industry-leading”. 
He added: “Early indications have shown that the AIMS programme has the potential to be extremely helpful and ensure that we aren’t penalised by the decaying of a surcharge value over time.
“After stocking a product for two years and not selling it, we would have to absorb the loss of the surcharge amount. This programme means we can monitor our levels better and adjust and replenish stock when we need to.”
AIMS is free-of-charge, and stockists can access their data via the Autoelectro website – They can also find a useful video in the ‘Returns’ section, which describes how the process works.
UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, will be sharing his thoughts on the AIMS programme in an upcoming ‘Nick Says’ column, while both he and Managing Director, Tony Bhogal, are available for interviews.

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