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AS-PL has started the cooperation with Groupauto Polska

Date: 05-Sep-2019

AS-PL has become the official supplier of the Groupauto Polska purchasing group (GA PL).

“AS-PL Sp. z o.o. is a company with 100% Polish capital, operating in the starter and alternator industry for almost 28 years. We work with distributors and wholesalers from around the world in the aftermarket area, and we offer over 17,000 products, corresponding to nearly 250,000 reference numbers” - informs Paweł Kotala, Chief Sales Officer at AS-PL Sp. z o.o. “Thanks to cooperation with Groupauto Polska, we not only join one of the better developing purchasing group in Poland, but we also gain product recognition with the largest associated distributors in the country. Together, we will provide products of the highest quality, which will also affect the positive relations between AS-PL and Groupauto Polska” - adds Paweł Kotala.

Groupauto Polska (GA PL) is an official member of Groupauto International and is a purchasing platform for the largest domestic car parts distributors. The company currently employs nearly 2,000 employees, has 107 points of sale and 280 services. The group's strategy is based on the incorporation of new companies and the development of service networks.

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