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Are you spending too much time identifying parts

Date: 18-Oct-2018

TTC has been a leading supplier of Commercial Vehicle Parts for over 40 years and its popular parts catalogue has been a constant companion throughout the years. The current publication now in its 19th Edition is soon to be replaced with Edition 20, boasting new sections and many new updates and additional parts.

But just as TTC has been ground breaking with its Truck & Trailer Components catalogues, it has not stood still and has recently developed what it believes is an industry first with its new and innovative electronic Truck parts catalogue.

The result is nearly 2 years worth of work piecing together Parts to Trucks in what can truly be described as the first of its kind within the Commercial Vehicle sector. The numbers are staggering as TTC has taken over 470,000 Trucks worth of data and applied its complete Truck range to each vehicle.  Like the traditional TTC catalogue the job is never ending as the team continually update and add in new references as the TTC range expands, ensuring the proposition meets the exact needs of today’s modern fleet.

The system known as CVRN has been in use now for nearly 6 months and has quickly become a daily tool for customers to use when identifying parts.  With the answers only a few clicks away identifying parts has become far less time consuming and frees up valuable time within the parts department. 

So what are the benefits? Well in a market which is changing fast knowledge is one of those critical ingredients which has become harder to find. The complexity of today’s new vehicles, the speed of change and the need to attract the next generation of parts people, means that training and on the job experience inevitably takes time. CVRN addresses this in that all you need is the Trucks registration number to enter into TTC’s online order system to view the parts. Because the system is connected to TTC’s online ordering system users will instantly see live stock availability, price and any other product attributes, so placing the order is only a few clicks.

Early trials with a number of customers soon showed the benefits with Speed, Ease of Use and Accuracy a clear plus in today’s fast paced environment where Truck down time is an unwanted cost with Fleets.

So will the TTC Catalogue continue? Well it’s not finished just yet and with Edition 20 about to hit the streets there clearly is still a need for this type of publication. With TTC’s extensive range of Trailer Components it is fair to say the business has both Trucks and Trailers well and truly covered for years to come.

The Right Part for the Right Truck at the Right Time....................................................................

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