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All-new Comma 60L Performance Motor Oil barrels optimise stock and coverage

Date: 04-Jun-2018

Comma Oil has introduced a range of 60L barrels to its PMO range, optimising stock and car parc coverage for workshops.

The new barrels now mean that Comma customers buying the popular PMO range no longer have to opt for 199L barrels that offer more specific applications, but can instead purchase a variety of 60L barrels.

With workshops now able to stock several 60L barrels for a variety of different applications, workshops can significantly improve their car parc coverage without compromising the quantity of their stock.

The introduction of the new barrels also presents an opportunity to maintain a vehicle-specific application approach to oil selection, whilst also reducing reliance on lubricants packaged in plastic containers.

Mike Bewsey, Sales and Marketing Director at Comma commented: “It is more critical than ever that exactly the right grade of engine oil is used in every vehicle – the costs of getting it wrong nowadays are just too great. Selecting a pack of the right grade of oil as part of a ‘service kit’ is the safest way to ensure product selection but workshops have to weigh up all the pros and cons, including economies of scale, storage, having the product available ‘just in time’ and of course, waste management. 

“The new 60L barrels provide a great new option for workshops trying to achieve the best balancing act between all the different considerations which impact the business.”

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