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A vintage year for MAHLE’s Classic Line

Date: 14-Jun-2019

MAHLE’s recently launched Classic Line, featuring its special spare parts segment for vintage and modern classic cars, is experiencing high demand as the classic car market continues to grow.  
Launched just over a year ago, the range has grown steadily, and now includes engine parts such as cylinder liners, pistons, valves, and bearings as well as starter motors, alternators, thermostats, and filter elements, covering more than 1,700 vehicle types. Each part is backed by almost 100 years of experience, so that MAHLE can guarantee the very highest quality. 
Jonathan Walker, General Manager Aftermarket UK & Ireland, MAHLE said: “For many of our customers, their vintage car isn’t just a passion—it’s an investment. That’s why our MAHLE Classic Line is all about quality, staying faithful to the original, and durability. In particularly demanding cases, we also offer the option of single-unit production or small series.”
MAHLE has long-standing competence in this area: for many components, original design drawings, dating back to the 1940s, can still be found in the MAHLE archives. Based on these specifications, MAHLE Aftermarket is producing such products with the same quality and expertise as for the current original equipment product range. MAHLE is continually expanding the MAHLE Classic Line, as the current market experiences a boom in the construction of simpler, everyday historic vehicles. The trend is toward vintage cars originally produced for the masses, which are restored with the same care as premium-class historic cars.

How MAHLE’s Classic Line works

The range is available to customers by following specific but simple guidelines. The process is explained below when ordering a piston, as an example: 

1. Send clear and concise requests, with samples if possible, to help speed up the process. This is not for Motorsports Pistons but pistons that are or have been available in the Mahle Aftermarket range. 
All requests for pistons will be reviewed, ideally based on the following quantities:
Forged pistons - 60+
Cast pistons - 100+ 
Lower quantities can lead to pistons costing in excess of £250 each. 
2. There are three main options:
  • Pistons available, i.e. parts that are live in SAP.
The price will be calculated depending on the quantity requested, and the piston will be produced only after the quote is accepted. 
  • Pistons available in SAP but with the status as no longer available. Drawings and tooling will be checked for availability, as will rings, circlips and pin. Only then will the request for the piston be sent to the factory.
This process takes around four weeks and at the end of it the customer will be quoted, and as above, the piston will be produced only after the quote is accepted. 
  • Pistons with no tooling.
This will require a minimum of two sample pistons. These will be sent to the factory, with a quote provided by the factory if possible.

In the case that MAHLE can't help, we work in close partnership with another supplier that may be able to produce the pistons.

The production time can take 8-12 weeks after acceptance of quote.

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