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IAAF NEWS - IAAF makes case for independent garages - 27/01/2011

IAAF makes case for independent garages

IAAF makes case for independent garages

In a sharply worded response, IAAF chief executive Brian Spratt, poured scorn on the recent attempt by car companies and dealers to portray themselves as offering superior service for the UK's motorists.

Brian Spratt commented: "In all independent surveys dealers have been seen as no better or worse than the independent sector. This fact, coupled with the greater convenience and better value available from independent garages, means that the car companies claims are nothing more than a faint hope that they can convince motorists that glass palace dealerships materially improve the level of service."

Brian's comments follow news that the Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT) and the RMIF's National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) jointly hosted a dinner for motoring journalists at which they pressed the case for franchised dealers offering the best in terms of quality and value, and painting independent garages as second best.

Motor Trader magazine reported that Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive, argued the case for franchised dealers offering the best in terms of quality and value. He added: "Vehicle manufacturers and franchised dealers are continuously developing their consumer offering to ensure motorists receive the highest level of value and service throughout the life of their car. Investment in the latest technology and the ongoing training of specialist technicians means franchised dealers can also provide the best quality service to the highest standards."

Sue Robinson, director of the RMI's NFDA, was quoted in the magazine as saying that dealers needed to communicate their value and quality propositions to compete more successfully against independents, especially in the wake of what she described as 'misleading' surveys showing independent workshops offered better value.

Brian concluded: "Britain's motoring public get quality, commitment, convenience and cost effective solutions from the independent sector."

Interestingly, the NFDA is the 'sister' association inside the RMIF to the Independent Garage Association (IGA) who have been remarkably silent about the joint event.

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