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The IAAF continues the ADF's renowned record of standing up for its members on a wide-range of issues including: Block Exemption Regulations; EURO 5, & 6; Garage Codes of Practice; and much, much more. This work now extends to include our garage members' interests - we will work tirelessly to ensure that your concerns are heard at the heart of government.

Amongst the topics the Federation has tackled are:

  • Block Exemption Regulations (Office of Fair Trading - OFT, Department of Business, Innovation & Skills - DBIS, the EU Commission, Members of European Parliament))
  • EURO V, 5, & VI Regulations (formerly OBD legislation) (Department for Transport - DfT, the EU Commission, Members of European Parliament)
  • National Road Pricing policies (Department for Transport - DfT)
  • Garage Codes of Practice (Department of Business, Innovation & Skills - DBIS, Office of Fair Trading - OFT, Consumer Focus, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders - SMMT, British Standards Institute)

MoT threat

Amongst the most recent, and pressing, topics requiring the IAAF's attention is the government's suggestions that the current MoT system of first test at the third anniversary of registration and annual tests thereafter (3-1-1) is diluted to an initial test after four years and tests every two years from then on (4-2-2).

WE SAY, this will have disastrous effects on the UK's road safety record, with a conservative estimate of 30 extra road deaths each year, plus an increase in serious casualties.

WE SAY, it will also harm the environment, with mis-tuned vehicles allowed to continue polluting for an extra twelve months.

WE SAY, it will affect motor trade employment prospects; halving the number of tests means halving the number of test appointments, halving the number of test stations and halving the number of authorised testers. We estimate that between 12,000 and 15,000 testers could find their jobs gone.

Mike Penning, the minister responsible for these suggestions, says he wants to reduce the financial burden on the motorist - potentially offering a saving of £50 per year. But insurance premiums will go up by more than that because of the increase in accidents caused through unroadworthy vehicles.

Some motorists see the cost of preparing their vehicle to pass the test, perhaps through new brakes or shock absorbers, as a burden.

WE SAY, that's not a cost of the MoT test, it's the cost of having a roadworthy vehicle, and all motorists should be prepared to pay that.

HELP US defeat these silly proposals, join the IAAF either as a FULL member, or as a LOBBY SUPPORT member.

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